Youth Drama


Lights, special effects, music interpretation, sign language, and acting - the youth come together and create a spectacular performance that usually has the audience in tears, laughing, or in awe.


Sundays 4:30 pm



Acteens is a group for young girls, 6th-12th grade, where they mature together and learn how to act with the Christian character.  Being young disciples, they learn to take each of their unique gifts and share it through mission work in the surrounding communities.


Wednesdays 5:00 pm


High School Bible Drill


For grades 10th-12th to develop useful skills and knowledge of the Bible, as well as, poise and self-confidence. Youth will learn to find books of the Bible, locate scripture references, learn three different approaches to the Plan of Salvation, and use scripture references to document basic beliefs and ethical convictions. Students are also required to memorize large scripture passages and learn what Baptists believe. The most important goal of High School Bible Drill is having older youth learn to use the Bible to make a difference in their lives for today and tomorrow.


Sundays at 6:00 pm

Youth Bible Drill


For grades 7th-9th, youth will develop skills in using their Bibles - locating books and verses, memorizing and locating passages dealing with doctrinal and ethical concerns. They will increase their knowledge of the Scripture, their love for the Bible, and become comfortable in using the Bible to find answers to problems or questions they or their friends may encounter. Another major benefit of Youth Bible Drill is that they also gain poise and confidence as they respond to the calls with speed and accuracy.


Sundays at 6:00 pm

Youth Bible Study


Youth Bible study provides children, 6th-12th grade, a chance to worship God with other individuals their ages.  Praising God with music, learning Christian values, and acquiring methods of tackling challenges they may be facing in life - this time provies the students a chance to enjoy learning with others their age.


Wednesdays 6:00 pm




The third Sunday of every month the youth are required to attend evening worship service or Bible drill in order to participate in afterglow.  This is a time for the youth to get to know each other through an hour of fast-paced, competitive games, and delicious snacks.


Sundays 7:00 pm



Diving deeper than ever in God's Word, each individual in youth selects a Biblical subject they are interested in and researches it using many different sources.  Combining all learned material throughout the year, the student creates a project to teach the entire church more about the subject while learning how to minister and defend their faith.


Wednesdays 7:30 pm




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