Toy Soldiers

What a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. We were blessed with the music this morning. Orphan, we are not orphans of God, we are sons and daughters.

Toy Soldiers…that was our sermon theme. Pastor Joey took us through Col. 1:13-29. Who is in command of your Christian life? God has brought us to life. He created us from the dust and has given us life, for us to follow His lead. Christ is our commander. In Col. 1:13, we know that Jesus has rescued us and we become part of His kingdom, His army if you would, and have therefore been redeemed. Christ is the image of the living God; in Him all things are created. We had nothing to do with this creation, but all was made by and for Him. He has a purpose for this creation. Christ is the head of all, the head of the church. Christ, being the firstborn from the dead has first place in all things. Through Christ all is reconciled – and we have been enlisted (vs 21-22). As we accept Christ, we are able to stand before God as holy and blameless beings. Yes, we are free to do as we chose, but we should want to do His will. If we allow, God will work on us, to be able to work through us, to do His will. Through Christ we see the perspective of the battle that we serve in in God. God could have chosen to make us robots, but that was not His plan. He gave us the freedom to think and make choices. Have you made your choice to follow Him? Is He in command of you, soldier?

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