Where Did Your Story Start?

Where did your story start? That was the question Pastor Joey posed to the congregation as he stared his message. He spoke from Acts 7: 54-8:8. The very God of the universe came down to Earth to serve, not to be served. This was Stephen’s message throughout his ministry. Our scripture today starts as Stephen is being stoned. As he is chased out of town, the whole parade of people passes by Saul, paying their coats at his feet. Stephen prays that God receives his spirit and in his last breath asks God not to hold this against them, in essence “forgive them”, sounding just like Jesus. At this, God causes him to fall asleep. Saul, standing there, is in agreement with Stephen’s stoning. (This starts a period of persecution against the church, and believers scattered after this.) While Stephen was being buried and the followers were mourning him, Saul began ravaging the church and pillaging homes, imprisoning believers. Those who fled started preaching in their new areas, spreading the Gospel. This brought about much rejoicing. Stephen’s death brought about a revival in new areas, increasing the church’s numbers. This was Stephen’s story. What is your story of where it began for you? Do you share this testimony with others? It may just be what someone needs to hear.

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