What is the Bible All About?

What a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast.

What is the Bible All About? That was the theme for our worship message this morning. Our Call to Worship answered this to an extent: No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus! God’s “Love Letter” to us is written in the form of the scriptures; the Bible. We looked specifically at Acts 7: 1-53, and we see Stephen’s words to us, inspired by God. Stephen was courageous to stand before the high priest and Sanhedrin. He goes back in time, speaking of Abraham’s faith. Stephen reminds them of the covenant between Abraham and God, the promise of a great and might nation and a new country – a new homeland. He also reminds of the prophecy of bondage and deliverance. Stephen takes them from the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through the twelve tribes. Stephen continues, telling how the twelve tribes ended up in Egypt, because of Jacob. Israel lived well in Egypt until a new pharaoh arouse, who held no honor to Joseph, and put the Israelites in bondage. God sent Moses, out of the water, as an infant, to grow up and save Israel. After being raised in Pharaoh’s household, fleeing into the wilderness after murdering an Egyptian and hiding out for 40 years, at the appointed time God calls Moses to deliver Israel from bondage in Egypt. Stephen continues to preach from the words of Moses, showing God’s love for His children by delivering them through the great exodus. He even focuses on their downfall in the wilderness, losing faith and not doing things Yahweh’s way. Stephen continues, going on to the building of the Tabernacle, so they could worship on their journey. Stephen then fast-forwards to David and his desire to build a temple for God, but God denies his request. Stephen turns to the leaders, calling them stubborn, having deaf ears and hard hearts, influenced by the world and their own desires, doing the same things their fathers had done. Stephen lays out the scriptures to them and we know his outcome – stoning by the religious leaders, but he had shared the Gospel with them. The Scriptures are there for us. What will you do with them? Will you be like Stephen or the Sanhedrin?

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