Preach it again

What a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. Our Children’s Handbell Choir opened worship with Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. This is exactly as we are called to do. Look to Him for everything!

Today Pastor Joey took us to Acts 3:1-26. Peter and John were headed to the temple during the daily “Hour of Prayer.” At the Gate called Beautiful, they encounter a lame beggar. He asks Peter and John for some money, but they basically respond, “We’re broke, but we can give you something else.” Peter reached out his hand and told him, “Stand up and walk,” and the man was healed. Immediately the man jumped up and walked, following them into the temple. This was the first time he was allowed in the temple, due to being lame. Note only did he go in, he went in excitedly, running, leaping, and praising God! Because of where he sat, everyone knew him and recognized him as the lame guy by the gate. The people were amazed, realizing something happened to him. Peter asked the crowd why they were so surprised, this was done so Jesus, the very one they had crucified, could be glorified: So why are you so amazed? He stressed that it was nothing of his own doing, or because he went to the temple to pray, nothing of him, but purely because of Jesus Christ. That it was this man’s faith and trust in Jesus that healed him. Peter preaches that they must all repent in order to be saved. Have you repented as Peter spoke of? Have you turned from your sin and asked for forgiveness? Jesus is patiently waiting for you.

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