All Things in Common

What a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast.

Today Pastor Joey took us to Acts 2:37-47. In the recent past we have seen Jesus accused, tried, crucified and buried. He fulfilled His promise of resurrecting on the third day. His followers were joy-filled to see Him again. And, just as He promised, He ascended to be with the Father. The disciples and other followers are now gathered in Jerusalem, and waiting for what to do next. Peter, as only Peter could, stands in front of the crowd of believers and others gathered there and begins speaking to them, proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Christ. He steps into an evangelistic role, as we see in verse 38, pleading with the people to repent and be baptized in Jesus name, in order to have their sins forgiven and so they may receive the Holy Spirit. He goes on to further explain that this promise is not only for them, but also for their children; and not only for those in Jerusalem, but also for those in far off lands (remember…even to the uttermost parts of the world). In verse 40 we see Peter pleading with them, using various phrases, so as to reach as many as possible. Through God’s work of the Holy Spirit, three thousand were saved. We can see there was true repentance and conversion of these people, as we see in verse 42 that they devoted themselves to growing in grace through leaning, fellowship and prayer. They were able to see wonders and miracles at the hands of the apostles, as God worked through them. AS they were being led by the spirit, these people in turn began to evangelize. They were following God’s commands. Our closing hymn was fitting: Where He leads me, I will follow. These early Christians were doing just that: Following God’s leading. Have you heard His voice? Are you following where He leads? It’s never too late to follow as long as you are on this side of Heaven.

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