August 13, 2107 - A Great Day

August 13, 2017 was a great day in the life of Northeast Baptist Church. I want to say thank you for all those who helped make Northeast's 50th Anniversary a great celebration. This than you is for those who set up, prepared food, decorated, set up the photo "stroll down memory lane," helped with parking, set up worship service, ministered through the service, served the food, and restored everything back to normal.

There were a few who were not able to celebrate that day with the rest of the body for various reasons. I know the greater celebration will be on the other side when we celebrate our Lord and all that He has accomplished beyond what He has done here at Northeast over the last fifty years.

We have be privileged to celebrate that which God has done, not it is time to get back to what God is doing. God has gifted us with many people to help us grow in Grace. We have our Sunday Morning Bible Study teachers that God uses on a weekly basis to assist in our understanding of God's word and help us apply it to our lives. During the middle of the week, Wednesday nights, we have been blessed with those who have been called to continue on that application of God's Word and endeavor to take the message to the world. We have been blessed with other activities that take place throughout the month that build unity and ministry within the Church. These situations are most important in the life of Northeast. But the fact is that not every member of Northeast is getting involved in these opportunities to grow and serve. As a result, the whole body is not benefitting as it should.

The temptation is to get involved for a bit and then to taper off due to busyness, especially as the "school year" progresses. "Let us not grow weary in well doing, for we shall reap if we don't grow weary." As each runner in a relay is responsible to run as fast and hard for their portion of the race, we are called to do the same spiritually. Stay faithful! Stay focused! Don't let up and don't give up! These are the cries of the saints who have gone before us. These are also the words from the one coaching us.

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