What Things?

What a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. Come Holy Spirit, in your own special way. Those beautiful words are so very comforting, to know that the Holy Spirit is right there for us.

We’ve all done it; tried to play a prank on someone that is telling us something or showing us something we already know about. What things? What are you talking about? I have no idea what you mean. This is where we find Jesus today. Pastor Joey took us to Luke 24:13-35. We find Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. Here He appears to two followers. Inside Jesus must have been chuckling to Himself as He was talking with these men. These two, who should have immediately recognized their friend, were prevented from recognizing Him. No, it wasn’t because He looked different; no, it wasn’t because of the beatings. This was purely God…God prevented them from knowing Him. As the conversation goes on, these men talked about what has just happened in Jerusalem. Jesus, trying to see these men’s hearts, says, “Whatcha talking about?” It would have been hard for any of us to keep a poker face at this point. One of the men, Cleopas, basically says, “Where have you been? Hiding under a rock?” They begin to recall, with detail, all that had gone on this week: The trial; the beatings; the crucifixion; the burial; and finally the resurrection. In one sentence they express despair, that all their hopes had been in Jesus, and he was now gone. Jesus replies in verse 25, telling them, starting with Moses and going through the prophets, that it all had to be this way, in order for scripture to be fulfilled. They were so intrigued by His message, they asked Him to come stay with them, which He obliged. As they sat down, Cleopas, being the host, should have done this next task, but instead of the host of the home breaking the bread, Jesus, the Great Host, breaks the bread. It was at this moment that their eyes were “opened” and they recognized Jesus. Also at this moment Jesus vanished from their presence. After a brief discussion between them, they rush the 7 miles back to Jerusalem to gather the disciples. They excitedly relayed that Jesus was truly alive; He had risen just as He said! Think of their excitement. Are we that excited about Jesus in our lives? We should be; ready to share the Good News with others.

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