Carry On

Carry On

On August 13th Northeast will be celebrating 50 years as Northeast Baptist Church. We have been blessed over the years to be use by God to carry the Gospel to the Clinton area. One may be prompted to ask, “How did it all begin?”

Northeast Baptist Church started as an endeavor of First Baptist Church of Clinton to plant a church in the northeastern portion of Clinton. Brothers and sisters of First Baptist responded to the Command of Jesus Christ to go preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15) and to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). After conducting some survey work, First Baptist sent some members out to conduct a Vacation Bible School. This work led to more work that produced fruit.

A spiritual baton was passed on to other brothers and sisters who constituted as a church and here we are today. Obviously there is much more to the story than has been presented here. There have been many lives touched and changed by the Lord over the years here at Northeast. In turn, the Lord has used many of these lives to touch other lives. No doubt, you are connected to Northeast because the Lord has used others to touch you.

I want to encourage you to write down you story how the Lord drew you to Himself, who He used to reach you, and what Northeast means to you. We want to consolidate your accounts with others so we can see the bigger picture of what the Lord has done. Bring them with you to church anytime and leave them in the “Celebration Box” on the table in the foyer.

Come and join the celebration on August 13th. Take this opportunity to get to know others who see northeast as their church home. Get in on the memories others have as they share and reminisce. Pass on your testimony of how God reached you.

Brother Joey

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