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It was a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. We had a wonderful worship service here at Northeast Baptist Church. When you don’t move the mountain, when you don’t part the waters, when you don’t give the answers, Lord, I will trust in you.

Pastor Joey took us to Luke 22: 39-64 for worship today. We have been following this passage leading up to Christ’s crucifixion. Pastor told us we are not to conform to the world, no to be pressed into the worldly mold. Here we see Jesus going out to the Mt. of Olives. He goes away from the disciples to pray, but asks them to stay alert and pray with Him. Jesus earnestly prays that if it’s God’s will that He didn’t have to do what was ahead, so be it, but it not, if it was God’s will for Him to fulfill the prophecies, He was willing to go. It was fitting for Jesus to be on the Mt. of Olives. He, like the olives, would be crushed and poured out, just like the oil from the olives, for us, rendered for our lives. Jesus was praying so fervently that He began sweating, and not just sweat, but His sweat drops appeared like drops of blood. Eventually, Judas and the soldiers approach, and Judas will take this opportunity to betray Jesus with a kiss, an act of affection turned to deceit. Imagine this scene: at one moment quiet and peaceful, the next tense, then chaotic. Words exchanged, swords pulled, slashing, and one soldier in particular getting injured. Out of love, Jesus, in His moment of betrayal, still compassionate, reaches out in love and heals the injured party. In a humiliating manner, He is taken away, drug off by soldiers like they would drag off a criminal. The disciples who had been a band of brothers together, were not scattered. In the following scriptures we see Peter, roaming through the city. He is called out in the crowd by a young woman and a man as being associated with Jesus. This happens again, and Peter vehemently denies their accusations of knowing Jesus. Immediately the rooster crows, just as Jesus said it would, and at that moment Jesus looks at Peter, and Peter rehears the words Jesus had said, telling him what he would do to Jesus: deny knowing Jesus, one of his best friends. Out of fear Peter had succumbed to lying. Peter was so disappointed in himself that he leaves, running away and weeping. We finally see those who had been guarding Jesus begin to mock him. He was left all alone, betrayed not only by Judas, who openly betrayed Him, but also by His disciples and followers, His closest friends, who left out of fear. We are called to boldly proclaim Christ, not shrink away in fear; do not be silent.

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