He's Been There

What a wonderful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. Last week we Pastor spoke on the great exchange Jesus made for us. This week the choir opened us up with a song, whose words were: I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious song. I’m free, Praise the Lord, free at last!

We often hear others say, “You don’t know what I’m going through.” True. I might not know exactly, but there is one who has experienced all the temptations and trials before us. Jesus. Temptation is common to every one (1 Cor. 10:13). There are numerous accounts of saints in the Bible who fell to temptation, but God is faithful and does not allow the Christian to be tempted beyond what they are able to endure. God provides the way out of temptation. Just like metal goes through the process of tempering to make it stronger and more durable, so are temptations and trials for the Christian. Through them we grow and become stronger. Here were see Jesus, out in the wilderness, as Satan approaches Him. Jesus had fasted for 40 days and was physical vulnerable, due to hunger, “hangry”, if you will. Satan took it upon himself to temp Christ, the Son of God! What arrogance. Jesus, although fully man, was fully God. He rebukes Satan and relies on God for strength. Satan had the audacity to offer to Jesus everything that already belonged to Him. Three times Jesus spoke the words of the Father, “Do not tempt the Lord your God.” The final verse in the passage tells us Satan left, but he didn’t leave Jesus for good, he will return at an opportune time. The same is true of us. Our battle with Satan is not “one and done”, it’s ongoing. Oh yes, he might leave us alone at times, but don’t worry, just like a bad meal, he’ll return to bother us again – sometimes over and over. Remember, Jesus knows the temptations but thankfully He’s overcome it. He’s our safe spot. Run to Him at all times.

We have room for you here at Northeast and welcome you to our fellowship. Opportunities throughout the week: Sunday: 9:30 AM, Sunday School; 10:30 AM, Morning Worship; 4:30 PM, Children’s Choir, Youth Drama; 6:00 PM Evening Worship, Bible Buddies and Bible Drill. Wednesday: 5:00 PM, Acteens; 6:00 PM, RA’s, GA’s, Mission Friends; Youth worship; Prayer Meeting. For further information call 660-885-5277. Or you can visit our website at www.nebchurch.us for more information also. We have a variety of Bible studies at various times throughout the week. If you are looking for a home church, please come and visit us.

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