This year marks the anniversaries of two significant events in the life of Northeast Baptist Church. One happened fifty years ago and the other five hundred years ago.

Northeast Baptist church was started by First Baptist Church as a mission outreach to the Northern area of Clinton, Missouri. This mission eventually constituted as a church and on August 13, 1967, the mission was accepted into the Missouri Baptist Convention as Northeast Baptist Church.

October 31st, 1517, a German monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed a list of ninety-five charges against the church, each one describing the neglect of God’s Word in church polity, practice and proclamation. In other words, the church and leadership was not living out the Word of God. This event became known as the “Protestant Reformation.” Without the “Reformation” we would not have the many of the freedoms we enjoy today as Americans. Without the reformation we would not have the church home we call “Northeast Baptist Church”. In fact the vast majority of churches in Clinton would not be here.

Before the events of these two dates, there was so much that took place. At the center of these movements was the focus on the Bible. The foundation for change and a turning to Christ began in the hearts of a few, but effected multitudes. Both events had as their foundations people who were moved by God to live out His Word, to reach out to others with the message of salvation provided only through Jesus Christ, and to press on in faith and obedience to do what God had called them to do, even in the face of difficulty. If it were not for these faithful individuals who lead others to follow Christ deeper, there is no telling where we would be today.

We have been doing an overview of the “Reformation” on Wednesday evenings during our 6pm time period. I personally want to invite you to come join others who are interested in tracing our spiritual roots. We will also be addressing some of the beliefs that differ among denominations, as well as discussing those things that make us Baptists.

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Brother Joey

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