What a beautiful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast.

How do you look at others? With compassion or criticism? Pastor Joey taught out of Matthew this week. To see people as Jesus sees them we need to get outside of our bubble. We can be very judgmental looking through our own eyes. In Matthew 9:35-38 we see Jesus had been at the synagogue. As He leaves the city, He sees the sick and diseased people and has compassion for them as they were lost without a shepherd. Earlier in that same chapter we find Jesus having dinner with tax collectors, and the Pharisees admonish Him for this. They would never have associated with the likes of these people. Jesus admonishes them by saying “healthy people don’t need to go to the doctor.” The tax collectors were in need of Jesus. (The Pharisees were in need of Him too, but they thought they were above Him but that’s a different story.) Where are you? Are you looking at people with the compassion of Jesus or contempt, as the Pharisees did? Do we show the love of Jesus to those who are spiritually diseased and dying? Step out of your bubble and share Jesus’ love.

We have room for you here at Northeast and welcome you to our fellowship. Opportunities throughout the week: Sunday: 9:30 AM, Sunday School; 10:30 AM, Morning Worship; 4:30 PM, Children’s Choir, Youth Drama; 6:00 PM Evening Worship, Bible Buddies and Bible Drill. Wednesday: 5:00 PM, Acteens; 6:00 PM, RA’s, GA’s, Mission Friends; Youth worship; Prayer Meeting. For further information call 660-885-5277. Or you can visit our website at for more information also. We have a variety of Bible studies at various times throughout the week. If you are looking for a home church, please come and visit us.

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