The Mighty Hand of God

What a beautiful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. We had some wonderful music presented between the choir with Word of God Speak, and a sign language interpretation for special music of Your Love Ran Red, to prepare us for worship.

Bro. Joey taught from Exodus 14:1-31: The crossing of the Red Sea. Here we see God speaking through Moses, to the Children of Israel. Do you want to stay in sin and bondage, or do you want to be free? God tells the Israelites to turn around from where they are and go back towards Pharaoh’s army. This would take them to a place where they would be boxed in with no way out. They would be stuck in a sticky situation. God promises them He would take care of them, the unarmed Tribes of Israel, against Pharaoh’s well trained army. Pharaoh himself thought they were an easy target of sitting ducks. But, God reminded Israel that He was Lord; He was in charge. He would use this opportunity to prove to Egypt that He was the one true God. Pharaoh took off with 600 chariots; not just any chariot, but very select, blinged-out chariots. He knew victory was in his hands. The Israelites were blocked in with no way out, but God. With the Egyptians bearing down to the point of seeing the withes of the Israelites’ eyes, the Israelites begin to blame Moses for the situation they were in: Why did you bring us out here to die? But God had a plan of victory for Israel, a plan to show His power and might. Moses tells the Children of Israel to stand back and see; just watch God work. He told them God would fight the battle for them: Be still and know that I am God. God instructs them to go forward…into the Red Sea. Imagine what the Israelites might have thought, but through God’s direction through Moses to raise his staff, the waters split and the sea bed was DRY…not muddy, not mucky, but dry. Then, in the middle of the sea, God sends confusion over the Egyptians. Again, through Moses’ staff and God’s direction, the waters came back together. Walls of water came crashing down like a tidal wave from both sides, over the Egyptians while the Israelites remained safe and dry. God was before them in the cloud and pillar of fire. These Egyptians were never seen again. God delivered the Israelites from Egypt through a divided sea. Can you relate to the Israelites? Do you feel like you are in that same boxed in place? Canyon walls on one side and a huge sea to the over with an army (Satan) pressing down on you? Just like back then, God is there to deliver you from the oppression you are facing. Call out to Him for deliverance.

Looking ahead we have an opportunity for you to come join us for some fun and fellowship: Northeast Baptist will be hosting Harvest Fest on Monday, October 31, 2016, from 6-8 pm for children ages preschool to 5th grade. There will be carnival like games, candy and hot dogs from the grill. We’d love to have you as our guest!

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