Are You Ready?

What a beautiful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. The choir opened up worship with the words, We Are Standing on Holy Ground. What a beautiful thought.

Pastor Joey posed the question to us all: Are you ready? Ready for what you might ask. Ready for Christ’s return. We looked at Luke 17:22-37 this week. Jesus tells of the second coming. He tells the disciples one day there will come a day they long to see Him. Next He tells them He would suffer and be rejected. Jesus refers to two Old Testament stories of how life was going on around Noah and Lot, where God warned of destruction, but the people chose not to listen. He said so it will be one day when the Son of Man returns: man will be carrying on every day life and believers will be gathered and non-believers will be left behind. Here’s the questions: which one will you be? Will you be the man gathered up or left behind? This side of judgment it is not too late to make that choice, but why wait? We are not promised our next breath, the next second or tomorrow. Please do not wait another minute. This is not something to procrastinate about. If you feel God calling to you, answer now and do not wait or get left behind. There is a sense of urgency in the world today. Just like a house that is on fire, we need to get the residence to safety. So it is with salvation: respond now before it is too late.

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