The Lord's Supper

What a beautiful day to be in the House of the Lord. It was a glorious Sunday worship here at Northeast. We had exceptional music today, and we started off with the call to worship, Come Lord Jesus, Come. We invite Him to join our service every week, but this one was particularly special, as we observed the Lord’s Supper.

Pastor Joey spoke from Matthew 26:26-30. Here we see the disciples and Jesus in the Upper Room, observing a tradition in the Jewish church at this time: The Passover Meal. It was a reminder to them, at this time, that God had provided a way out of bondage for His children, the Israelites, when they were enslaved by Egypt. The Israelites were God’s chosen people, whom He loved very much, but like all of us, they let human nature get in the way and drifted far from His leading. As I said, the disciples were observing the Passover meal, as Jews had done for generations since they were freed from bondage, but this one would turn out to be different. Jesus took some bread and broke it. At this point, He speaks to the disciples, explaining the bread was a representation of His body that would soon be broken for the salvation of the world. Next He did the same thing with the cup, explaining the wine was a representation of the blood that would be shed, the blood of the New Covenant. The blood that would be poured out for the atonement of the sins of the world. This was the last time Jesus would share such an experience with them. Soon afterward He would go to the garden to pray for the last time. As we go into the Lord’s Supper experience we are to prepare our hearts, asking for atonement and making our hearts right with God before partaking. We are to be consecrated, set apart as Holy before the Lord our God. What a wonderful experience it was too. The observance of the Lord’s Supper is a reminder that God requires a blood sacrifice to atone for sins. Christ came to fulfill that requirement, once and for all. Praise God He willingly died for our transgressions so that we might have salvation and the gift of eternity with Him.

Looking ahead we have an opportunity for you to come join us for some fun and fellowship: Northeast Baptist will be hosting a Block Party on Saturday, October 1, 2016, from 4-6 pm. There will be games and lots of fun activities, as well as hot dogs from the grill. We’d love to have you as our guest!

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