The Lost Coin and the Lost Sheep

The choir started us off with an old song by Dottie Rambo: He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need. It is a beautiful reminder of the love that God has for us; His amazing grace, that takes away every blemish and scar, and replaces it with a pure, pristine soul. There is one line that rings so true: I do not know just why He came to love me so. There is no reason on earth that we deserve the love that God has for us, but as our Heavenly Father, He loves us more than words can express.

You have seen it, every where you go, there is a “Lost and Found” department. It’s full of a treasure trove of forgotten items. As a school teacher, I used to joke and marvel at the plethora of items left at school, that ended up in lost and found. Not only the usual shoes and jackets, but shirts, pants, socks, and yes, even unmentionables! There were glasses; keys; jewelry; hair brushes; moldy lunch boxes; and even pairs of socks. Bro. Joey took us to Luke 15: 8-10. The Parable of the Lost Coin. Nestled in between two other, maybe more “popular” parables is this parable. The story of a lonely woman, probably an older woman, even a widow. The story goes that she has 10 coins and she misplaced one. This coin is so valuable to her that she looks for it high and low. You know how it is: You have lost something and you frantically look for it everywhere. You can even visualize it in the oddest of places, and rush to look there, only to be disappointed. Do you give up on it, just chalking it up to a loss? It depends on the value of it: A wedding ring? The car keys? A penny or nickel? Sometimes there is no resolve until it is found. Such is the case in this scripture. This coin was so important to this woman that she swept the house clean just to look for it. Upon finding it, she is so excited, she goes and calls all her friends and family to share her good news. They rejoice with her in her good news of finding it.

So it is when one person is saved and receives eternal life. The angels celebrate in God’s presence over one sinner who repents. Are you willing to stretch yourself to either rejoice with them or share with them? We need to get out of our little box and share

the Gospel with them and rejoice in their decision. Do you have that hope? Maybe you are the one who is searching for that lost coin; maybe you are that lost sheep Jesus talked about in Luke 15:1-7. The Good Shepherd left the 99 sheep behind just to

go find the lost one.

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