Dust to Diamonds

April 17 was Stand With the Persecuted Sunday. While we know that other countries have persecution much worse than the United States, it is becoming more and more common in our country. We appreciate our freedom to worship and serve in our church building and in other places in our community. We are grateful for the ability to share our church news (and others) in our local newspaper; thankful for the sponsors in addition to the newspaper making this possible. Our hearts grieve for what others suffer for following Christ. May we all take a stand and stand firm.

Pastor Joey preached on Diamonds Out of Dust; James 1:2-4. Diamonds are formed under high pressure and high temperature. God deems you as valuable, wants to bring the beauty out of your life that purposes to imitate Christ. That may involve pressure, producing strength, stability and clarity. Are you willing to surrender all to Him?

Die to yourself, live for Him – do not leave Him out!

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