Buried with Him by Baptism, Raised to a new Life

Our Children’s Choir started off with “Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me”. And just like your momma said, “You will always be my baby,” to God we are all His “little ones.” Do you realize He loves you and wants the best for you? He cares for you more than you know, no matter your age.

We had Small Talk this morning, and it was about water, and that we are to be baptized by water. Brother Joey’s message was on the Waters of Baptism also. Baptism, so what is it? It’s an outward sign of an inward decision. It’s the physical burial of our sinful nature. According to scripture, baptism is not what saves you; repentance and asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior is what saves you; Baptism is just an outward expression. There are three aspects of Baptism. 1) It is an act of Faith – an outward act of an inner situation. 2) It is an act of Obedience – an outward sign of an inner repentance and 3) It is an act of Identification – an outward sign of an inner confession. Baptism identifies the believer with Christ because it fulfills all righteousness. It signifies a commitment just as a ring is an outward sign of commitment between a bride and groom; so it is with baptism and the Christian. It also identifies one believer with other believers. It is part of our “faith history”.

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