Zaccheus, Not So Little Anymore

We always like more: more of this, more of that, more fries, more stuff! Think of having more love, more power, more of you (Jesus) in your life. Do you long for more of Jesus in your life? There are immeasurable blessing with more Jesus in our life. This is one Super-Size that you won’t regret.

Bro. Joey led us in the childhood chorus of Zaccheus. (Luke 19:1-10) Zaccheus longed for something that the world couldn’t provide. He had it all. He was a tax collector: one of the scammers of the day. He was rich! He wanted more though; something to fill that void. That super-size I was just talking about. He wanted to get a glimpse of Jesus, but because he was so short, he couldn’t stand in the crowd and see. Using his problem solving skills, he climbed up in a tree to see Jesus. Jesus, because he created Zaccheus, knew Zaccheus was hiding in the tree. Jesus called to him, telling him to come down because he wanted to go to his house. This would have been taboo because the priests would not have associated with the likes of him, someone who would be considered such a sinner. Zaccheus eagerly jumped down, happy to see Jesus and be his host. He anticipated that Jesus would do wonderful things in his life. Then, contrasting Zaccheus’ eagerness, local hypocrites start complaining: “How could Jesus associate with the likes of him?” Not realizing they were no better than this little man. In fact, Zaccheus was more able to receive salvation over these hypocrites, because he had a sincere, contrite heart. He knew he was wrong. He admitted his sins; sins the hypocrites could not see in their own life. Because of his history Zaccheus wanted to reconcile with mankind. He gave first to those who could not repay his kindness and second, he would repay those he wronged four-fold. Through his actions and repentance, Zaccheus received salvation. It was that simple. Are you the Zaccheus in this story or are you the hypocrite? Are you seeking something to full this void? Are you hoping Jesus won’t pass you by? When He calls your name, will you let Him come into your house, not just to visit, but to live and dwell?

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