God's Voice

Our choir opened our worship service with a beautiful rendering of “Sanctus”, reminding us of God's

holiness and worthiness of our reverent worship. Pastor Joey continued in that vein concerning God's

Voice, asking us,

“Where are you in the presence of God today – running to Him or running from Him? God asked Adam in the garden of Eden after the first sin, “Who told you? Have you?” Adam

was created in God's image; when he sinned he needed to acknowledge his sin. However, the blame game began – don't blame God for your sin, disobedience and rebellion. God has been/is always there for you. Proverbs 3:5-6.

If Adam could look back on what has happened to us since he sinned the first sin and all the consequences that have come from it, he would be overwhelmed! How do you respond to this voice -John 10:1-11? Do you follow Him because you know His voice?

God's voice will always line up with His Word.

As Christians, we need to also know Satan's voice and warn others – put it aside if it doesn't line up with the Word. The mark of believers – drawn to

know what He is saying in the love letter of His Word. Keep His commandments; obey Him. Love His Word - light for your everyday life!

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