April 10, 2016

Our Children’s Choir started off with “Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me”.  And just like your momma said, “You will always be my baby,” to God we are all His “little ones.”  Do you realize He loves you and wants the best for you?  He cares for you more than you know, no matter your age.


We had Small Talk this morning, and it was about water, and that we are to be baptized by water.   Brother Joey’s message was on the Waters of Baptism also.  Baptism, so what is it?  It’s an outward sign of an inward decision.  It’s the physical burial of our sinful nature.  According to scripture, baptism is not what saves you; repentance and asking Jesus to be your Lord and Savior is what saves you; Baptism is just an outward expression.  There are three aspects of Baptism. 1) It is an a...

April 6, 2016

We always like more:  more of this, more of that, more fries, more stuff!  Think of having more love, more power, more of you (Jesus) in your life.  Do you long for more of Jesus in your life?  There are immeasurable blessing with more Jesus in our life.  This is one Super-Size that you won’t regret.


Bro. Joey led us in the childhood chorus of Zaccheus. (Luke 19:1-10)  Zaccheus longed for something that the world couldn’t provide.  He had it all.  He was a tax collector: one of the scammers of the day.  He was rich!  He wanted more though; something to fill that void.  That super-size I was just talking about.  He wanted to get a glimpse of Jesus, but because he was so short, he couldn’t stand in the crowd and see.  Using his problem solving skills, he climbed up i...

April 1, 2016


“April showers bring May flowers.” Have you ever thought about this old statement?  It poses this question, “without the rains where would the flowers be?  Obviously there has to be more to flowers blooming than just rain. For one thing the seed for the flowers must be in the ground before the rain comes.


There are many things in life that require a good amount of work up front in order for there to be success.  Much of the time we have to put forward effort, sacrifice, and a bit of work so that the future benefits may come.   Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”


But this is a struggle in the Christian’s life.  Our culture continues to gravitate away from an investment in that which is importan...

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