May 30, 2016

     Our worship time began with the choir singing “I Can Only Imagine” featuring Meg Beebe soloing and Sebring White signing.  Add to that phrase...”and I can hardly wait!”  Brother Joey's sermon, out of II Tim 2: 1-7, focused on the word “Entangled”.

  1. You have been enlisted in Christ's army.

  2. You need to please the One who enlisted you.

  3. Disentangle yourself from the affairs of everyday life.

  4. Prepare yourself to suffer hardship.

     In the church, the truths we have been taught need to be passed on to others, while encouraging and sharpening them.  As good soldiers of Christ, He calls us to a higher walk with Him.  Keep focused on eternity, don't be  sidetracked by the world.  As we trust and obey God, the way opens for us to go.  If there...

May 23, 2016


Please be careful as school is out and summer break has started.  Kids have been out of school for one week, and how many times have you already heard this resounding phrase?  “I’m bored!”  This also happens sometimes in a Christian’s life.  Just like some things are just meant to be a certain temperature:  ice cream, soda, popsicles, ice water, ice tea – these are meant to be COLD.  Coffee (ok, it can be iced too), soup, spaghetti, these are meant to be served HOT.  Think of all these as lukewarm.  The first thought that comes to my mind is, “Yuck!” or “Nasty!” 


So it is with the Christian.  God would rather us be hot or cold, but not lukewarm.  2 Thes. 2:1-10 talks about these who have fallen away, Christians who have become luke warm, compla...

May 15, 2016

The choir started us off with an old song by Dottie Rambo:  He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need.  It is a beautiful reminder of the love that God has for us; His amazing grace, that takes away every blemish and scar, and replaces it with a pure, pristine soul.  There is one line that rings so true:  I do not know just why He came to love me so.  There is no reason on earth that we deserve the love that God has for us, but as our Heavenly Father, He loves us more than words can express.


You have seen it, every where you go, there is a “Lost and Found” department.  It’s full of a treasure trove of forgotten items.  As a school teacher, I used to joke and marvel at the plethora of items left at school, that ended up in lost and found.  Not only the usual shoes a...

May 1, 2016


The word jaded means to be dulled or fatigued due to one’s excess of effort.  A group may become demoralized by never achieving a goal, especially after much energy has been expended. The situation many times leaves them jaded.


I have found myself jaded from time to time.  When there has been much time and effort on my part to help a person, and that person doesn’t seem to really want the help, even though they cried for help.  I get apathetic and jaded.  The temptation to complain to others arises, then when “no one wants to hear your problems” apathy sets in and we then give up, letting someone else handle the situation.  What is the Christian supposed to do?  


Aren’t you glad our Lord Jesus Christ did not get jaded.  He kept to the plan and his resolve to...

May 1, 2016

We celebrated today by having the Lord’s Supper.  Jesus, with the Disciples, was in the Upper Room.  Judas had just had a conversation with Jesus where He revealed that He, Jesus, knew what Judas would soon do.  Jesus was telling the Disciples that He had come to fulfill the law and the promise of the prophets.  He broke the bread, sharing it, just as His body would be broken on the cross.  Next He took the cup; He calls it the blood of the new covenant, the blood of the promise made through Him.  Through these two elements we celebrate remembrance of both His life and His death.  By celebrating the Lord’s Supper, we remind ourselves of all Christ did for us:  His life; His testimony; His death and resurrection.  He made a way to bridge the gap created when man sinned....

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