Early in the spring of 1962, First Baptist Church of Clinton felt the need to begin a mission in the northeast part of Clinton.  A place of worship was provided in the old Harding building.  The first services were on August 5, 1962 with 48 in attendance.  The layman, Calvin Downing, brought the first sermon.


     In September of 1962 the first preacher, Brother Charles Fletcher, was called.  Several Pastors served the church from 1962-1965, including Brother Ron Ham and E.B. Calvin.  Then in 1965, Brother Loie Allen was called.  During this period the first property was purchased at 619 Lincoln, and its first building was built and dedicated in November of 1965.  In November 1966, the congregation voted to become an independent Southern Baptist Church.  Finally, on August 13, 1967, the mission was accepted as a Southern Baptist Church.  There were 106 charter members at this time.

     The Church continued to grow, and purchased additional land for future expansion and parking in 1973.  By 1975, they had finished and paid for a new addition to the church.


     Brother Russell Adams was called as Pastor from September 1974 to 1978, and the Lord continued to bless the Church.  January 1978, Brother Aubrey Burk was called as Pastor.  Brother Burk continued to serve until the fall of 1985.  During this time additional land was purchased, the parking lot was improved; an upper room and a new roof were added.  In March 1986, Brother Tom Wheeler was called as Pastor, and he continued to serve until February 1990.

     Brother Joey Conway was called as Minister of Youth in October of 1989.  Brother Jim Hammock was called as Pastor August 21, 1990, and served until May 26, 1996.


     Brother James Eager served as Pastor being called on March 30, 1997.  On April 25, 1999, new ground was broke for a new addition.  The building was completed and our first service was held on August 27, 2000.  The dedication service was held on September 10, 2000.


     Brother Benjamin Teague was called as Pastor and began serving in 2008. During his service, the church had the pleasure of a note burning.  The new addition was now paid in full! Brother Ben served until July 2015.

In November 2015, Brother Joey Conway began a new chapter, as he was called to serve as Pastor for our church.

Currently we are continuing to make history at Northeast Baptist Church!